Jeff gordon On A Chance


A random letter began the chance of a lifetime for Jeff Gordon fans Maureen and Russ Harris, when they founded the Jeff Gordon National Fan Club, the largest personal touch fan base in the history of NASCAR.  If you sent a letter to Jeff Gordon in the 1990's, chances are that it was processed by the JGNFC.

From the outset, they catered not just to the fans of Jeff Gordon, but all race fans.  By doing so, they created the most popular fan connection in all of racing during the 1990's.

Jeff Gordon On A Chance will take you inside the JGNFC and gives insight into the Jeff Gordon fan.  Also, Maureen shares some humorous "fanatics" that she and Russ went through as not only JGNFC founders but as simple fans.

I hope that as a race fan you will appreciate the unique experiences that the Harrises were fortunate enough to have.  It was a chance of a lifetime for two ordinary fans to be involved in the rise of a racing superstar. 


 "Just at the time the sport of NASCAR was primed for mainstream attention and it's fans were ready to connect on a more personal level with their favorite drivers, along came the passionate vision of Maureen and Russ Harris.

Like powerful magnets destined to be connected, Maureen and Russ were magically drawn to a then 21-year old driver from Vallejo, CA.  Like them, rising-star, Jeff Gordon, believed that offering the fans unprecedented access to information, insight and the enviable position to touch and be touched by their favorite driver could elevate the sport to new heights.

As fans, Maureen and Russ truly understood what it would take to build a loyal fan following.  Their heart-based innovation and dedication to shift from increasing a fan base to building a "family of passionate followers" made them true pioneers in the business.

Although today the internet has dramatically changed how fans connect with their drivers today, there was a time not so long ago when fans experienced their love returned by two dedicated fans who had the chance to experience the ride of their life!"

Hal Price Former Brand Manager

for Jeff  Gordon

 "I had the honor of reading a draft of the book and it is truly an amazing journey through Jeff Gordon's entry and championship years in NASCAR. The book goes beyond JG's on-track success and takes fans "behind the scenes" of The Jeff Gordon National Fan Club. The book provides a mirror on Gordon's success, but it also shines an incredible spotlight on YOU-- the die-hard Jeff Gordon fan."

Larry Graff

Jeff Gordon online


"What a delight this book is! There are so many unique pictures of Jeff Gordon and stories as told by the founders of his biggest fan club. What a tribute to Jeff himself! If you are a Jeff Gordon Fan, this is a "must have" book."

Christy Espinosa

"Maureen Harris has written a book with an inside look at NASCAR racing. It's about the champion auto racer's fan club operated for 10 years by Maureen and her late husband Russ, and it's filled with stories about Jeff Gordon's fans who documented their admiration with thousands and thousands of letters. Those letters included invitations to weddings, birthday parties and family reunions, and requests for autographs and tickets to races. Gifts from fans included lucky coins, photos of themselves, poems, and songs. There are many color photos of super stars of the racing world, the pits, victory circles and The Jeff Gordon Museum. The book is about fans and for fans, and lots of fun to read."

Jean Harvey